I recently moved to Las Vegas and while I will always find casino life to be beautiful I’m finding more great things when I explore the desert that I would never have found as a tourist.¬†I rarely carry a camera and most of the pictures here are taken with my trusty iPhone.

This images here are not intended to be professional¬†Las Vegas photography. The Vegas Photo Blog is just me out in Las Vegas taking photographs of the beautiful city and capturing them as I see them. Occasionally I’ll call on instragram for a filter but that doesn’t happen very often.

The photos on the Vegas Photo Blog are huge so they have been rendered smaller so they load relatively quickly. If you’d like to see a picture larger just click the image once for a large image and once again for the actual size of the image.

Feel free to use the pictures for whatever you’d like but if you’re using them online I’d appreciate a link back to the original photo page.

If there’s an image that you’d like to see just contact me through the site or on twitter. I’ll try to snag one in my travels. The only place that I’ll never go is the Las Vegas sign. There’s enough of those pictures floating around.

I have hundreds of pictures on file and I’m out exploring Las Vegas every day so I’ll be updating the site frequently.

My other blog EDGe Vegas has recommendations, reviews, news and advice on places to eat, drink and gamble in Las Vegas.

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